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BBC presenter votes for cosmetics firm in national awards race

by Ash Cosmetics 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Finalist Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Ash Cosmetics In Line for National Award
One of the nation’s favorite luxury brands celebrating their fifth anniversary, Ash Cosmetics has been shortlisted in the regional finals for a Great British Entrepreneur Award in the Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Founder and CEO Aisha Latif better known as Ash, developed the luxury science-led cosmetics brand with a focus on active ingredients, modern design and exceptional functionality. The success of Ash Cosmetics is down to innovating and formulating ground breaking formulas. 

Ash has many years of R&D and commercial experience, as well as a background in Biomedical Sciences with an expertise in the Life Science sector. 

Her Seamless HD foundation sticks formula was approved by dermatologists, a monumental feat of success meaning it can be used on anyone with atopic skin (eczema).

Prior to this Ash launched a range of glitters which were a huge success and helped create the Ash Cosmetics brand. The glitters contain 3-Dimensional reflective qualities when used in combination with the special effect glitter adhesive. It amplifies the sparkle not only to the naked eye but on camera, something important to many professional make-up artists. The launch of this product at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATs) in London in 2016 went viral. 

Not content with just making profit, Ash invested this money into the business, generating the finance to fund the development of the HD foundation formulation.



Aisha Latif , founder and CEO of Ash Cosmetics, said:  


" The year 2020 has been tough , not only has it been a challenge to make ends meet but mentally and physically exhausting . Coming this far and being in the finals is a massive achievement. Thank you Great British Awards team for recognising our brand , it is a true honour  to be part of this very exciting community. I am wishing all the finalists good luck!  "











Raees Khan , Radio Presenter of BBC said:

"Ash Cosmetics is an innovative and forward thinking company with ethical thinking at its heart. Seeing it grow year on year is heartening, especially since it’s singlehandedly down to the relentless hard work of Ash herself! It would be a complete travesty if she didn’t win!"

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Founded in 2013 the Great British Entrepreneur Awards acknowledges the hard work and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and businesses in the United Kingdom.

This year, with face to face events challenging, the regional heats will be celebrated online on September 23rd.




Founder of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Francesca James, said: 

"So many entrepreneurs will have been fighting to keep their business afloat over the past few months, and indeed will be over the coming months. That’s exactly why we launched the Pivot category; to recognise those that have managed to adapt and thrive throughout this period."










Anne Boden, founder and CEO of Starling Bank, said:

"These entrepreneurs have gone above and beyond in order to allow their businesses to flourish in extremely difficult times and it is a true honour to congratulate each and every one of them."






To learn more about the event Link  @EntrepreneursGB #GBEA


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