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Approved By Dermatologists

by Ash Cosmetics 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Ash cosmetics are proud to announce the popular selling HD seamless Foundation sticks are approved by dermatologists.



Examination of the Product 'Seamless HD foundation'

Study took place in our Labs in Germany to determine the effects of the product to the skin. A patch test study performed on subjects with Sensitive skin, Eczema and Allergy . The results concluded 'harmless' as regards to any possibility of skin irritation. 


The HD foundation sticks are not only perfect for the film, fashion and media industry but also suitable for individuals with Sensitive Skin and Atopic Skin conditions.


Non Oxidation Properties:

 Ashcosmetics seamless HD foundation contains active ingredients which stabilises the formula from change in PH, Oxidation, Temperature and Light.  



Rebecca Jane - TV presenter has been using the Seamless HD foundation stick in the shade Ash and Fair for over 18 months .



 Rebecca Jane shared her story 


"Whilst this is SO embarrassing to post, I think it should be done. I’ve been given years of grief for wearing too much make up and my views surrounding it, but what most didn’t know, is I had grade 4 acne for as long as I remember.
My dermatologist asked me to do a ‘before and after’ picture... so here it is...
I’m 6 months in to some pretty hardcore treatment, I still have 4 months to go and I didn’t say anything until now because I didn’t want to jinx it... but I can finally post a ‘no make up selfie (minus mascara)’ and be absolutely thrilled!!!!! It’s SUCH a relief to have normal skin, makes SUCH a difference to confidence and I can finally tell all the people who kept saying ‘just drink more water’ to jog on...
Acne is seriously shit and seriously hard to get rid of. So for anyone else in the same boat.. there’s light at the end of the tunnel!!! #acne #roaccutane #isotretinoin #skin#

Rebecca further added in her comments


"I use @ashcosmetics stick foundation - shade ‘ash’ and ‘fair’ - I’ve been using them 18 months now, they don’t oxidise and turn you orange, cover is amazing too "


"The best Foundation I have used for 18 months "



Ash cosmetics Seamless HD foundation sticks are 

- Multipurpose

- Long lasting

- Ultra creamy in sticks

- Photogenic makeup

- Suitable for all skin types


Great Advantages of this Formula is: 

- No need to use a concealer with this product.

- DOES NOT OXIDISE and leaves the skin looking vibrant.

- A little goes a long way.

- Excellent Coverage - Covers acne marks, light pigmentation, and skin discoloration in just ONE LAYER – resulting in a flawless finish.

- Excellent skin compatibility with all age skin groups.

Ideal for stage, film, TV, video work, Tattoo coverage , Hyperpigmentation, Dark circles


Due to the versatility of the product it can overlap various shades below is a table to help you reference your Ash cosmetics shade - Please note this is for reference purpose we are constantly updating this table to help increase accuracy. We highly recommend to purchase your stick with our Vegan Pixel perfect Translucent powder to increase the longevity of the base and to give the skin flawless and photo ready Finnish. 






Featured in Harpers Bazaar


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us


To Learn More About the Range Go to


 Seamless HD Sticks 

Seamless HD Stick Sets for Professionals 


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