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Enterprise Vision Awards Ashcosmetics Finalist

by Ash Cosmetics 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Enterprise Vision Awards Ashcosmetics Finalist For Two categories 


Enterprise Vision Awards recognise women in business in the North West of England. Our Founder Aisha Latif (Ash), has been shortlisted in this year’s awards for NOT ONE BUT TWO categories! One being ‘Young Entrepreneur’ and the other being ‘Beauty Business’ 

Ash was very surprised when she heard back in May that her name had been put forward for the awards by an anonymous nomination. What followed was then an intense submission process in which Ash described the AshCosmetics Brand story and achievements to date before sharing her future vision for the business.

Now, Ash has received the wonderful news of being short listed for two awards.

Ash says, “I’m absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed to have been nominated for two awards and selected as a finalist in both categories - I am really excited and wishing all the finalists good luck”

Following the awards Ash picked up  earlier in 2017 'Entrepreneur of the year award'  by Inspiring woman’s award and Best Beauty Product of 2017 by Fashion and Beauty Award for, our founder has already been enjoying some exciting new opportunities.


It began after winning both the Best Beauty Product and Entrepreneur of the year award , Ash was asked to deliver Educational talk around the brand at the Future Skills Manchester Salford , Trafford college and Manchester college. The focus was around what made the Ashcosmetics range unique on the market and to deliver a talk around the topic on the processes involved in  manufacturing cosmetics and  tests involved to ensure they were safety tested and compliant with the EU regulations . The cosmetic market is saturated with many cosmetic lines  and this can make it very difficult for individuals to make a decision on what is safe to use and what is not, certain chemical over a prolonged usage can be damaging to the skin .  Ash has worked in various life science sectors from Quality Control Testing (Nestle York) , Wound healing in vitro studies, study of infections, Micro studies (Johnson and Johnson would management Skipton) , Toxic to  drug-drug interaction studies (Cyprotex phamokinetics) to cancer causing substance and gene modulation (GE Healthcare - Dharmacon).  Ash has taken her time to research in to the raw materials she has selected to go in to her cosmetic range.  She has partnered with leading dermatologist and has collaborated with various artists around the world to hit the ground running with her range. 

“Quality should never be a compromise, it is our responsibility to ensure everything is tested and is made from the highest purity.  Investing in technology to ensure we test our raw ingredients thoroughly and work with experts in the skincare industry is the key to our brand. We only work with the best and take all measures to ensure the ingredients have excellent skin compatibility and performance” says Ash, “speaking with students at various colleges was a great opportunity to learn about  issues students face when trying to make an informed decision on what products to add to their kits. Educating students on the side effects of cosmetics that have not gone through thorough testing has become very important. Later this year we will be opening up a section on our website  and giving various schools the opportunity  sign up  and have access to  various resources which i believe will be very beneficial for the beauty schools.  ”


Ash was also invited along to  visit and deliver a educations talk at the HM Prison - Styal (prison for female adults and young offenders) . Ash says “ It is very important to inspire young mums and  girls who want to do something with their careers and encourage them to reach their goals and dreams. I had never visited a prison before, the school , staff and students were very welcoming .  They asked so many questions and were very interested, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and I am so excited for the beauty school. They were doing a wonderful job in pushing their students and motivating them to do well. ”


It has been an exciting journey for Ash, being a mum to 3 babies under the age of 6 has had its own challenges but this hasn’t stopped her for reaching out for her goals and dreams. Ash Says “Every business has its ups and downs, my husband has been very supportive throughout the process and has been the only person who believed in my vision, I am where I am with his support and we continue to grow together.”  


What’s so exciting about the Enterprise Vision Awards is this will be a new platform for us, we are really looking forward to  networking  and be able to inspire and motivate other mums and individuals who have a vision and a dream to succeed. Together we can make a difference!


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