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Embracing All Tones of Woman

by Ash Cosmetics 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments



E.A.T.O.W is a hybrid education and networking platform designed to exclusively empower start up Hair, Beauty and Business entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds globally.

Embracing All Tones of Women brings the hair, beauty and business entrepreneurs together to move forward

E.A.T.O.W shows the power of the beauty industry by highlighting how being a beauty professional, with the right knowledge, integrity and skills set can introduce your career to any of the following niche industries and beyond  

• Film
• Theatre and Production
• Music, entertainment, television and sports
• The arts, fashion weddings, celebrity and radio
• High street, commercials, editorial and research
• Spa, salon and home based businesses.

The Brand Ash Cosmetics was Set up by Aisha Latif (Ash) . Ash's  background is in Biomedical sciences which has no link whatsoever to the world of beauty, if anything it is the total opposite to what ash had visioned. She loved her job in the scientific sector so giving it up was a very tough decision for me. 

Ash says

“In labs we wore no make-up, it was hair tied back, white lab coats , goggles and carry a bag of aseptic wipes. I went from that to glam hair, sparkly dress, Chanel shades  and bag to match each outfit”

Aisha Latif has been invited to join the Expert panel as one of the main Speakers and to be able to share her journey from giving up her full time successful career in Science to developing her own line of luxury cosmetics line from scratch.

Ash had no experience in the beauty and fashion industry when she first entered the world of fashion, all she had was a set of makeup skills she picked up from a short artistry course.  Her passion in artistry and a drive for filling a gap in the market lead her in creating a successful brand which is now no longer a NATIONAL but an INTERNATIONAL brand.

 Ash will be joining Eryca Freemantle .


Eryca Freemantle is one of the world’s leading makeup and beauty experts, having been in the industry for over 30 years. A former makeup artist, she has worked with celebrities, mainstream brands and leading world renown beauty institution. Former advisor at for London College of Fashion there isn’t anything about the beauty space she doesn’t know. A leading expert on diversity in beauty. Eryca believes diversity is something that should be celebrated and should never be tacked on as an after thought or as a gimmick.


Eryca believes, diversity should no longer be treated as a tick box or as something that needs to be adhered to for statistical purposes it’s something that should be celebrated, and not as a fashion statement or as a gimmick. The beauty industry on a whole is seemingly slow to pick up on the way society is moving forward. from shampoo to skin care and more besides, all manner of skin, shades and colours can benefit from some of the best products on the market t’s high time big name brands step with renewed vigour, and to approach inclusivity as something to be proud of, not to shy away from.

Ash is proud to be part of the Expert panel that embrace all tones of women, the brand Ash cosmetics is all about embracing diversity.  One of Ash most success campaigns were where she promoted unisex makeup open to everyone and this was well received. Tag line for the campaign was

“Be yourself, Be Confident, Be You”



It has been an exciting journey for Ash, being a mum to 3 babies under the age of 7 has had its own challenges but this hasn’t stopped her for reaching out for her goals and dreams. Ash Says “Every business has its ups and downs, my husband has been very supportive throughout the process and has been the only person who believed in my vision, I am where I am with his support and we continue to grow together.”  

What’s so exciting about the E.A.T.O.W  is there will be so many like minded individuals attending this event , I am  really looking forward to  networking  and be able to inspire and motivate other mums and individuals who have a vision and a dream to succeed. Together we can make a difference!



There will be a raffle where we give away £100 worth of free goodies so do come along to join the talk!



 You can register your interest and grab your ticket now!

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