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Posted on February 12 2019

Ashcosmetics WIN Business Of The Year Award 2019 | Ashcosmetics

Greater Manchester Business Awards

2019 Ashcosmetics WINS  Business of the Year Award


The ​Greater ​Manchester ​Business ​Awards, ​recognises ​Professionalism ​and ​Excellence ​of ​Businesses ​and ​Organisations ​in ​Greater ​Manchester. ​ ​The ​Awards ​are ​independently ​judged ​by ​a ​Panel ​of ​business ​peers ​assigned ​to ​ensure ​a ​fair ​and ​open ​judging ​system ​for ​the ​Business ​Awards.

The ​awards ​are ​for ​Businesses ​who ​have ​an ​official ​office ​in ​the ​Greater ​Manchester ​area ​only.

Our Founder Aisha Latif (Ash), has been AWARDED ‘Business Of The Year Award’  



Ash: “I am honored and humbled to accept this amazing award - A very special thanks to the Manchester Business Awards Board for selecting me.  Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to join everyone. Once again thank you so much for everyone’s ongoing support . I am so overwhelmed and full of emotion - it’s been a tough year - this award means so much to me and my team . It’s a shame I couldn’t be there to receive it”


Ash dropped in to meet with the team to thank them personally this  Monday 


Photographed with Rachel Parker

Following the announcement Ash was invited to join the BBC Lancashire Radio team for an Exclusive Interview with Raees Khan  to discuss the success of the brand. The Team had met with Ash for an interview a year ago so were keen to catch up on the latest. 



During the Interview Raees wanted to learn more about how the brand differed to the cosmetic brands already on the market and what made Ashcosmetics stand out.



Ash: The brand has come a long way since the launch in 2014, when we first launched we had 15 shades of 3D glitters that had unique properties to really amplify and look glamorous to the naked eye as well as photography , the glitters were trending  at the time so range really caught everyone's attention.  They naturally went viral on social media and that was the start of our brand. 

I then moved on to HD foundation sticks and focused on oxidising properties of foundations. I managed to nail that with the specialist I was working with and managed to cover a broad range of skin shades covering very fair to very dark and shades along side addressing the issues in covering up  redness and  hyper pigmented skin. The natural oils and components in the formula were able to stabilise the product from oxidising which is what I wanted to achieve initially .  



Raess: So whats been happening lately at Ashcosmetics, is the Derma-logi-cally tested approval official now?? 



Ash:   [laughed]  Yes Raees it is official now.   Following the success with our HD stick formulations I didn't want to stop there,  I wanted further tests to be performed on the  the formula to ensure it was suitable for sensitive and atopic skin.  The study took many months. I have finally  had the approval on our HD formulation from dermatologist.  This year  has been breakthrough ,  we have a range which is now approved my specialists!


Raees: How does your brand differ to what is already available on the market? 



Ash: We are very different when it comes to other cosmetic brands, everything I  add to the range has to be thoroughly tested and has to go through various hoops before I give it the go ahead. The unique selling points (USP's) on the range really gives the brand the edge . 



Raess:   So whats next BIG thing with Ashcosmetics? 



Ash:    I have announcements coming on something NEW in Mid Feb. I can't say on air what it is , there have been a couple of projects I have been working away on so watch this space ... 


Raees : I wonder what it is ... 



Raess: What does this award mean to you? how do you feel the award has helped?


Ash:  I wasn't expecting to Win if I am being totally honest. It was tough competition. The award has not only added value to our brand but has given me a boost and the confidence that I must be doing something right. Running your own business has its challenges and you often feel isolated and responsible for every move you make. I have a young family so the pressure is always on.  Winning this award is not only reassuring that the business is heading in the right direction but also a pat on the back. Everyone's been so supportive. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart (esp my husband) , those who have followed me and my journey and seen the struggles and know how tough its been to come this far . There is so much more to come ... 











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Greater Manchester Business Awards

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