Loved by MUAs and Celebrities Worldwide

Loved by MUAs and Celebrities Worldwide

The HD sticks are very HIGH quality products and great coverage! They catch the light and illuminate the skin. The powder lasts all day and night I only ever have to apply it once in the morning! I love the unique very fine glitter collection too! Postage always on time! Love this company!

Bradley Andrew Simon Hunt

TV Personality  | Singer




 Ash cosmetics does everything it claims to do... EVERYTHING. The foundation coverage is perfect. It covers, but doesn’t look like you’re caked! I spend a lot of time in front of cameras, both photographically and on television - it’s HARD to find great foundation that translates well, but this really does it. It’s easy to use and doesn’t irritate my skin. I have grade 5 (that’s pretty bad) acne, and it covers all that. Very few foundations actually please me, but this one does. It actually lasts through the day, which is also hard to find. I never actually realised what my issues were with traditional foundation, until I tried Ash... and it’s that they turn me orange by the end of the day! Ash foundation doesn’t oxidise, which is the USP. I will still be the perfect tone after 8 hours wear, and that’s not available with any other product (that I know). The price point is accurate for today’s market. It’s not the cheapest in the world, but it’s certainly not as high as the mainstream products... but for me, the value and quality is far better. I’ve also tried the moondust highlighter, which I love!!! The gel eyeliner, which doesn’t dry out - that’s great because it goes on super easy, can blend but will last the whole day!!! And finally the translucent powder... I NEVER use powder, but if I’m having a really bad acne period, it helps cover and is far from cloggy - which I find with all other powders. Not only that, but I’ve had the pleasure of Ash being my make up artist on professional shoots, and I can say she is one of the EXTREME few I trust!!!! She KNOWS her stuff!!!! Her background is science, which is why her products are unique, carefully thought out, planned and executed with the highest professionalism and finesse! Ash cosmetics is a fantastic range that I hope to see set the make up world alight, because I truly believe it has the potential to!!!


Rebecca Jane 

ITV  |  C5  |  TV Personality 




Absolutely the best foundation i have used till this date. I'm totally in love with Ash cosmetics , Fab quality and service. I would highly recommend their products especially the stick foundations!

Ozzy & Neeli

Entertainer | Actor | Singer




I love everything about this brand,the glitters are so unique and beautiful. Their stick foundation is my holy grail foundation,best suitable for my dry-sensitive skin and it doesn't break me out which is rare. Their lipsticks have the best formula ever and it doesn't feel tacky at all on my lips. Their HD waterproof liners are so creamy, especially in the color " White Agate", the only white liner that doesn't crack. I have tried almost every product from this brand,& I am a huge fan of Ash cosmetics. You have to try their products and you won't be disappointed.


Artist  | Beauty Blogger





I'm a really big fan of these products! The glitters are very bright and shiny! The cream shadows and the black eyeliner have very good pigments and stay on the skin! The foundations have a very good coverage! And the liquid matte lipstains apply very well, come in 5 beautiful colours! I'm very happy with Ash Cosmetics!

Joana Bastos

International Makeup Artist




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