Ashcosmetics Now Available Bombay Stores

Ash Cosmetics

Posted on November 28 2018

Ashcosmetics Now Available Bombay Stores

We Are Proud to announce Ash cosmetics Range will now be available at Bombay Stores is one of UK's largest  Asian Department Store Located in Bradford. 

Bombay Stores has a range of English and Asian fashion in stock.

Bombay Stores caters the Asian ethnic minority community in the Northwest and Northeast of England.  It also caters a wider community base of Britain and Europeans through its Retail and Wholesale operations as well as ecommerce all across the country and the continental Europe.

Bombay Stores are  the leading store being the largest specialist in the north of fabrics used by theaters, dance groups and props for weddings. 

Being the largest Asian Department Store in the UK Bombay Stores has had many celebrities pop in and out, whether it’s for shopping or just to say hello to their fans, Bombay Stores has always attracted celebrities from various parts of the world who love fashion. 



As well has having the inside on celebrities Bombay Stores also lives up to its name in the Asian fashion scene regularly showcasing at both domestic and international level from London to Karachi, even going as far as Nairobi, Kenya! Whether it is a small independent show to the national events Bombay Stores loves showing off  amazing collections of bridal wear, groom wear, jewelry and haberdashery.


Having the vast range of products and services this also allows  to supply props to productions companies; Bombay Stores has worked very closely with the BBC and Channel 4 on shows such as Coronation Street.



Ash says, “ We love to mix things up, our brand caters for  various cultures and tradition, being a luxury brand on the market it is important for us to give our brand the diverse outlook and reach wider range of audience. We are all about luxury and colour and this platform would offer exactly that. We are super excited to team up with Bombay stores and be part of their little family. The brand fits in well with the film, fashion and media makeup and would be very complimentary with the wide range of services Bombay store already offers! “ 


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