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AshCosmetics is a premium brand of highly pigmented cosmetics, designed for both makeup artists and ordinary women wanting an extraordinary day-to-day look.

What makes AshCosmetics different?

Makeup is personal


Our products are customisable, eliminating the need to buy palettes knowing they’re half filled with shades that will never be used.

Quality, not quantity


Our products are highly pigmented, and a little will go a long way.

Other benefits?

Our palettes are durable, refillable and fitted with mirrors. They have a special locking mechanism reducing the chances of contamination or product spillage when carried in handbags and travel cases.

AshCosmetics lets you to travel light; a single palette is designed to fit eye shadows, lipstick, blushes, eyebrow enhancers and contouring kits while still fitting into a handbag.

Makeup Artists can now mix and match, customising palettes to build collections of their choice. You can now have the natural eye shadow selection in the same palette as dark lipstick, ending the search for the shade you need at bookings. Instead, you can organise your selections in advance if you know the colour scheme you will be working with.

" We end up carrying a lot of weight as we always need a variety of shades, some of which are used all the time and others, hardly ever. I recently started using AshCosmetics and have seen the benefits already."



Our eye shadows can be dampened to intensify the colour or to double as eyeliner – ideal for artists normally having to travel with various shades of liner.

Our products are highly pigmented, easily blended, long-wearing, paraben-free, suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and are not tested on animals.
Only the highest quality of ingredients are used in AshCosmetics.

Our experts have carefully selected the perfect accompanying brushes, to ensure you get the most out of your products. These premium-quality brushes are multipurpose and long-lasting.

Who is Ash?

As an award-winning scientist, Ash’s interest in molecular biology and dedicated involvement in cancer research led to beauty and cosmetics becoming an enjoyable escape from her tireless work. The marriage between Ash’s scientific background and her love of makeup inspired her to create a high-quality cosmetic brand, which offers not only variety, but flexibility; allowing women to customise their personal palettes for everyday use.

" Scientists need to be creative thinkers; so when it comes to art, I pay very close attention to detail and would say I fall into the 'perfectionist' category. "

– Ash, Founder

Specialising in molecular biology during her time in the labs, she worked as a consultant for many years to provide support to end-users by enhancing their research and development skills and offering training on cutting-edge technologies in the sector.

Ash has always had a very creative flair and a very keen eye for detail, her admitted perfectionism led to her success in the Fashion and Cosmetic Industries. She quickly became well-established in the Bridal, Fashion and Media markets, founding the AshPro Hair and Makeup Training Institute, where she provides training to professionals as well as those aspiring to break into the Fashion Industry.

With her analytical mind, Ash took on a challenge in finding the perfect blend of colours and shades to achieve the perfect look.

The AshCosmetics range offers quality, it has taken Ash many years to find the right blend of ingredients and products to make purchasing versatile, customisable and affordable. Her shades are highly pigmented, easy-to-blend and long-wearing.

One of Ash’s personal favourites is the customisable palette:

" ..these are brilliant for artists and individuals as they are compact, pigmented and a great choice for everyday use. With the variety of options available on the customisable palettes users can pick and mix to suit their needs, so they no longer need stacks of un-used colour palettes and can easily keep up with current trends. "

– Ash, Founder

Ash has taken the brand one step further, and will be setting up classes internationally, offering intense training to students who wish to kick-start their career in the Bridal, Fashion and Media worlds, as well as simple refresher courses for anyone eager to learn simple tricks and tips on how to achieve a look.
At end of the training individuals will be awarded a recognised qualification.

For more information, email us at the address below or use the form on our contact page

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