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What other Palettes do you offer?

We also offer 3 Well, 5 Well, 6 Well and 12 Well Palettes with various different combinations on Pans to go in them.
Our 11 Well Palette (9 + 2) is the Palette which offers the most range of products. Read below to see the combinations we offer:

Ready Made Palette Options:
(these palettes are pre-filled and have had their pans hand-picked by Ash, please view our Ready Made Palette section to find out which shades are included in each Ready Made Palette)

  • 3 Well – 3 x Contour shades
  • 5 Well – 5 x Eye Shadow shades
  • 5 Well – 5 x HD Brow shades (4 shades plus 1 brow wax)
  • 6 Well – 6 x Blusher shades
  • 6 Well – 6 x Foundation shades
  • 11 Well – 2 x Blusher shades, and 9 x Brow, Eye Shadow and Lipstick shades
  • 12 Well – 12 x Eye Shadow shades
  • 12 Well – 12 x Lipstick shades


Make Your Own Palette Options:
(these Palettes give you the option to pick your favourite shades and build your own customised Palette from scratch, please view our Make Your Own Palette section to find out which shades are available in each customised Palette).

  • 3 Well – 3 x your choice of Brow, Eye Shadow and/or Lipstick shades
  • 5 Well – 5 x your choice of Brow, Eye Shadow and/or Lipstick shades
  • 12 Well – 12 x your choice of Brow, Eye Shadow and/or Lipstick shades
  • 3 Well – 3 x your choice of Blusher and/or Contour shades
  • 6 Well – 6 x your choice of Blusher and/or Contour shades
  • 6 Well – 6 x your choice of Foundation and/or Dual Powder shades
  • 11 Well (9 + 2) – 2 x your choice of Blusher and/or Contour shades, and 9 x your choice of Brow, Eye Shadow and/or Lipstick shades
Can I add my Blushers, Contouring Powder, Lipsticks, Brow Kits and Eye Shadows all to one palette?

Yes! The beauty of our palette options is that they are totally customisable. Especially our 11 Well option means you can have everything you need in one palette.
Our 11 Well palette includes of 2 large wells, and 9 small wells, which is great for individuals wanting to use for themselves, or simply wanting to organise their palettes for various looks when working on clients.

What we would suggest for a typical 11 Well (9+2 Wells) palette would be:

  • 1 x  blusher pan
  • 1 x contour pan
  • 4 x favourite eye shadows
  • 3 x favourite lipsticks
  • 2 x brow kit (your brow tone and brow wax)

Click the image of our 11 Well Palette below to start building your own:

PicknMix - Blurb 3 - Full

Can I mix my Foundation Pans with my Setting Powder Pans in one Palette?

Our foundation palette again offers flexibility for you to select your favourite foundation colours along with our dual setting powder, so instead of having to carry various shades and fixing powder you can now have it all in one.

I have Oily Skin, what Foundation can I use?

Our HD full coverage cream Foundations are great for coverage on both oily and dry skin.
We suggest you order it with our dual powder, as this powder is great for regulating oil levels in the skin, it will not settle into any fine lines, and can be dampened to use for full coverage meaning it has a 2 in 1 application.
Our foundations are non-comedogenic and have been allergy tested, are fragrance free and hypo-allergenic.
However, if you have very sensitive skin we suggest you do a patch test 24 – 48 hours before usage.

I need Makeup Brushes but I'm not sure which ones to select from AshCosmetics Range?

Our brushes have been carefully selected for multiple uses, we have stripped out brushes we don’t use on a regular basis to minimise extra space they can take up.  Our brushes have been manufactured with the highest quality material and have been tested throughout our Training Institutes.
The 12 brushes we have as part of our range are the most popular and have been handpicked by professional Makeup Artists.
They all have their unique uses and are ALL a must have!

There are a lot of shades to choose from, I can’t decide which colours to go for...?

AshCosmetics hold regular workshops and upcoming dates are normally advertised on our social media. There you will get the opportunity to meet with us to help to select the right shades for your needs and application.
Follow us on Social Media using the links below, and please don’t hesitate to contact us on to find out more about our workshops and their upcoming dates.

Does AshCosmetics offer Training programs for Makeup Artists?

The AshCosmetics range was put together by Ash Pro Makeup Artist, and we offer various training programs  which are run through the Ash Pro Hair and Makeup Training institute.
Our programs range between Basic training, to an Intense training program to help individuals become fully accredited and qualified Makeup Artists for Bridal, Fashion and Media purposes.
For further information contact us on

Are your products tested on Animals?

As we are greatly committed to animal welfare, none of our products are tested on animals.

Do your products contain Parabens?

No, there are no Parabens or harmful ingredients used in the making of our products.

Are your products halal?

Yes, all our products are halal.

Do you provide International Delivery?

Yes, AshCosmetics ships internationally.

How do I track my order?

After you place your order, a confirmation and receipt will be emailed to you. As soon as your package is assigned a tracking number, you will receive another email with the tracking number linked to the courier’s website, where you can view delivery status.

Can I be a stockist?

If you are a retailer interested in stocking our products, please contact our sales team on

For more information, email us at the address below or use the form on our contact page

info@ashcosmetics.comContact Form

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